1. New Year, New Strokes

    We’re well off in to the new year and I hope you all are ready for the onslaught that comes with an album release because that’s just what we’re going to get: A FIFTH STROKES ALBUM.

    With 2012 not being too abuzz with Strokes news and filled more with the random sighting of a single Stroke or two fifths of the band showing up to play a show, we didn’t hear much about a new album outside of side mentions on Twitter and the like.

    But when the new year hit and Julian began to emerge from his cave, someone had to know something was up.  And something was definitely up…on The Strokes’ website.  On January 25th, a nonchalant tweet announced that a new song, “One Way Trigger,” was up for grabs.  And a few days later, the March 26 official release date of The Strokes’ fifth album, Comedown Machine, was announced.  NME recently posted the track listing.  Who’s excited?

    So we’re definitely getting a fifth album much quicker than anticipated.  The new album’s artwork is reminiscent of early 2000s Strokes style, vintage and worn.  But what will this new era bring?  New snazzy style for a world tour?  Judging by the apocalyptic threads Julian has been sporting lately, I’m not holding my breath for that.

    More to come…


  2. "Fairytales of New York" by Krissi Murison

    *An excerpt from NME’s December 2005 Interview with The Strokes*

    "Kate Moss is here?" yelps Fab Moretti, a Santa costume under one arm, a gorilla suit under the other and a hugely camp vaudeville moustache sprouting from the middle of his face, as the rest of the band screech into the studio.  "We gotta get this done and go meet her!"  A mere 45 seconds later he’s pulled both ensembles on over the top of each other, shoved NME's thick winter coat up his front to serve as a barrel belly, and is standing proudly admiring his genetically-modified festive man-beast disaster of a reflection in the mirror.

    Beyond him, notoriously-dapper guitarist Albert Hammond Jr casually emerges from the side of a screen wearing a long blonde wig, Santa hat and aviator shades.  He’s followed by the ever-louche Julian Casablancas and hopelessly-hip Nick Valensi, the former sporting a jumbo-sized and tastefully-angled hat of his own and the latter in - oh yes - pigtails.  Only Nikolai Fraiture, dressed in a grungey shirt and drainpipes and scowling somewhere under his fake snow-beaten fringe, is upholding the legend of The Strokes by refusing to join in the costume frivolities.

    Happy holidays and may your season be as festive as Fab dressed as a gorilla in a Santa suit!


  3. "[The Strokes] sounded so cool, they looked so cool, they were so very, very cool…Every band in the world wanted to be them, and so up sprang a crop of imitators in skinny ties and skinny jeans, and it spread like a particularly virulent garden weed."

  4. Saturday Night Surprises

    It’s getting cold for the winter where some of us live, so why not warm up a bit with some summer reminiscence.

    Remember when Nikolai and Julian showed up in episodes of Saturday Night Live back in May?

    Nikolai (who celebrated his 34th birthday on the 13th, happy birthday to him!) worked it onstage playing bass with Arcade Fire and Mick Jagger on a performance of “The Last Time.”  Watch it here.

    Niko dressed to impress in a dark suit and a contrasting light-colored tie.  He completed the look with those rugged brown lace up boots of his for some more contrast.  Seeing Nikolai take up his bass looking so dapper made me as giddy as Target Lady.

    Then there was Julian…of course, I was pleasantly surprised when he showed up in the “100th Digital Short” to sing about laser cats and boom boxes.  Cheggit out

    But how did he look?  Well, I guess you could say he looked very Julian and probably didn’t get any styling help.  Shrouded in sunglasses, layering a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls basketball jersey with a black hoodie and long leather coat is definitely an interesting ensemble, but surrounded by laser cat toting space cadets, it all seems ok.

    Finishing off with black skinny pants, matching brown boots and belt, and a few colorful chains, Julian makes an impression as the “‘Boombox’ guy.”

     A toast to Julian’s authenticity, acting skills, and what marked the start of a really odd transformative hair phase.


  5. "[The Strokes] were pretty conscious of wanting to look a certain way. We wanted people to recognize us as being in a band when we walked down the street, even if they didn’t know which band we were. Chuck Taylors signaled that… Actually, the bigger reason I got into Chucks was that I met this girl in a bar and my pickup line was that I was a filmmaker and I wanted to film her. So I spent all the next day filming this beautiful girl, and she told me I’d look good in a pair of red Chuck Taylors. I immediately went and bought some."
    — Albert Hammond Jr (x)

    (Source: citylightsahead)


  6. youmadehercry said: What is your favorite era style-wise for each member?

    1. Julian - First Impressions of Earth

    Greatest hits: Corduroy, military, leather, hoodies…on the other side, good hair.

    2. Nick - Is This It

    Leather, denim, and blazers meet contrast, the modern age of layering.

    3. Nikolai - Angles

    Two kinds of happiness: Casual cool with interesting outwear and graphic tees + stylish suits with a twist.

    4. Fabrizio - Room On Fire

    Under control in simple graphic t-shirts, worn jeans, scuffed Chucks, and casual outerwear.

    5. Albert - Is This It

    Suits meet street, take it or leave it.

    ***Collectively as a band - Is This It

    This is definitely it.


  7. Shopping With The Strokes

    The Strokes tell Circuit Magazine where to shop for clothes in New York City: 

    *An excerpt from Circuit Magazine’s Autumn 2001 interview with The Strokes, “Luck Strokes: Don’t Believe The Hype”*


    Fab: “I got this jacket between 13 and 12 on 1st Ave, I don’t know the name of the store.”

    Nick: “I like Filth Mart, 13th Street and Bobby 2000 on 7th Street and also Rags A Go Go.”

    Fab: “You know what, these stores are so expensive.”

    Nick: “If you want to get real cool clothes for cheap you need to go to any other state and find a thrift store.”

    Fab: “Go to the Salvation Army and you can find some really cool things.”

    Nikolai: “I got this parka in the Salvation Army for a dollar.”

    Nick: “Is that a new pin?”

    Fab: “Kelly gave it to me.”

    Nick: “Its awesome dude.”


  8. Take It Or Leave It

    Some of you have been asking about Julian’s red corduroy jacket from the Is This It era… 

    Well, you’re in luck at the moment because Levi’s is offering a red Cord Trucker Jacket on its US website (so US shipping only).

    Urban Outfitters is also offering the same one (on sale!) in stores and online (international shipping available).

    Julian’s red cord jacket is of the Levi’s brand so here’s your chance to get pretty much the same jacket.  Take it or leave it!


  9. "As much as they probably hate hearing this as well, [The Strokes] were the band that encouraged me to rip the knees of my jeans and write on them in marker pen. I wrote on them in red ink, ‘I’ve got soul and I’m superbad!’."

  10. It’s That Time of Year Again…

    …When Julian gets a year older and we wish him a happy birthday!

    Julian turns 34 today.  Man, where has the time gone?

    From the t-shirts and Converse, graduating to the bedazzled leather jackets and neon colored sneakers, Julian always has been and always will be a special person whose art has effected all of us in some way.  No matter what he wears, no matter how tight his pants or how tacky his shirt, Julian Casablancas is that inspiration, that artist who has taught you the value of music, that person who has shown you that facing challenges is no simple feat, but victory is possible…

    Happy birthday, Julian, you crazy odd musical genius.

    Warren Fu put it best in his birthday tweet to Julian:


  11. Anonymous said: Do you know what type of shoes Albert is wearing in the Under of Cover of Darkness video? They are the really rad ones that look off white and brown. Please help, I need them for my wedding.

    The shoes Albert wears in the Under Cover of Darkness video are saddle oxford style.

    If I’m not mistaken, they are more of a white and black combination.

    A little search yielded these results of white-ish/black-ish combo saddle oxfords:

    1. The Doon Saddle by Florsheim [U.S. shipping only]

    2. Burlington White/Blk by Bass (last in second row) [U.S. shipping only]

    3. Brennan Saddle by Johnston & Murphy [International shipping]

    I hope this was helpful is completing your nuptial look.  Congratulations on your engagement and I hope you have a lovely wedding!


  12. bejwelled said: Does Julian ever wear plaid?

    Welcome to Instances Julian Has Worn Plaid:

    1. Out and about; as seen in a fan picture he wore a plaid button down under (of course) two jackets.

    Original photo submitted by the wonderfully helpful ahugfromjuliancasablancas

    2. At Leeds Festival 2012; the 527th layer he was wearing was a hooded jacket with plaid lining.

    3. At a photo shoot for SPIN Magazine in 2006; he got dressed up in a “wonderfully” plaid suit.


  13. Holy Strokes, Batman!

    To pay homage to The Dark Knight Rises being theatrically released today and other awesome comic book superhero movies that have been released recently and those that are to come, here are a couple of Strokes in superhero gear.

    Before you think that comic book characters and everything affiliated is totally lame (which they aren’t, that’s a lame stereotype, but if you need further convincing), both Nick and Julian have donned t-shirts with the Batman logo and made them look pretty rad.

    If Nick and Julian were superheroes what would their powers be?…

    Dark Horse Julian, the unlikely night stalker with special crime-seeing sunglasses, fighting crime with his sarcasm.  Nick Long Limbs, keeping crime at bay with his intimidating height and biting attitude. 


  14. Denim Disaster

    To supplement the last post, Vision of Denim, there is one more denim piece to talk about…

    …Julian’s denim patch blazer.  Does this painfully conjure up mental images of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s matching denim outfits/catastrophes for anyone else?

    This Canadian tuxedo look is just…sorry, I can’t think, I’m just way too confused from the clashing denim overload.  And to add insult to injury, the thing doesn’t even fit properly.

    I think this stage outfit would have been fine without the denim factory’s upchucked scraps, but Julian would’t be Julian if it weren’t for his occasional borrowing from the closet of crazy. 

    So kids, distance yourself from the dingy denim blazers…you can’t win with one of those.


  15. Vision of Denim

    As per request, here’s a little posting about The Strokes’ denim jackets over the years…

    A good denim jacket is a treasure; I have yet to find one suitable for myself.  Jackets of the denim material seemed to be a significant staple in The Strokes’ wardrobe during the early days (just a tad lower ranking than leather jackets).

    The Is This It era is branded with the lighter-wash jacket…

    …paired with a t-shirt (with a faded graphic, perhaps), dark  skinny pants, and a pair of Chucks, you’ll be an honorary Stroke circa 2001.

    There’s always a way to draw parallels between The Strokes’ musical sound during a particular era in the band’s career and their fashion sense during the same era.  The lighter blue denim jackets with fading stress points and worn floppy edges that adorned the backs of the five New Yorkers as they adorned the covers of countless music magazines at the beginning of their promising music career seem to materialize the raw, fuzzy sounds of the band’s debut album that hits the ear as if it were produced (or rather underproduced) in an earlier decade.

    The Room On Fire era didn’t show much variation from the last; merely Nick let Fab borrow his jacket and Julian still stalked around in his trucker jacket.

    However, Albert donned denim outerwear of an even lighter wash which can be a great piece for contrast.

    The First Impressions of Earth era ushered in not only a bigger, more produced sound for The Strokes musically, but also darker outerwear, including a dark trucker jacket and dark denim vest for Julian.

    But of course, Albert has to march to the beat of his own drum or rather, the strum of his own Strat, by choosing crisp white denim.  An interesting choice, but nothing this Fender-wielding fashionista can’t handle.

    The Angles era brought in another new sound for The Strokes and also a new breed of denim in the form of Nikolai’s custom Niko vest complete with embroidered namesake and decorative patches.

    Albert keeps it classic with a light wash jacket that is perfect for any casual chic wardrobe.

    Levi’s is a pretty good place for all things denim.  There you can find similar denim outerwear pieces to ones The Strokes have worn in the:

    Trucker Jackets category for men

    Jackets category for women

    Thrift store shopping for denim jackets can also prove to be worthwhile.

    The type of wash (what gives the denim its shade of color) can set the style and feel of a look.  Go for a lighter distressed looking wash for a classic vintage look circa Is This It or a darker crisp looking wash for an edgy look circa First Impressions of Earth.  Or try white denim or a clean light wash a Albère for a bit more chicness.

    And if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a denim vest with detailing and see how many admiring fans you gain.  (Number of fans gained is proportional to the number of patches on vest.)