1. Vision of Denim

    As per request, here’s a little posting about The Strokes’ denim jackets over the years…

    A good denim jacket is a treasure; I have yet to find one suitable for myself.  Jackets of the denim material seemed to be a significant staple in The Strokes’ wardrobe during the early days (just a tad lower ranking than leather jackets).

    The Is This It era is branded with the lighter-wash jacket…

    …paired with a t-shirt (with a faded graphic, perhaps), dark  skinny pants, and a pair of Chucks, you’ll be an honorary Stroke circa 2001.

    There’s always a way to draw parallels between The Strokes’ musical sound during a particular era in the band’s career and their fashion sense during the same era.  The lighter blue denim jackets with fading stress points and worn floppy edges that adorned the backs of the five New Yorkers as they adorned the covers of countless music magazines at the beginning of their promising music career seem to materialize the raw, fuzzy sounds of the band’s debut album that hits the ear as if it were produced (or rather underproduced) in an earlier decade.

    The Room On Fire era didn’t show much variation from the last; merely Nick let Fab borrow his jacket and Julian still stalked around in his trucker jacket.

    However, Albert donned denim outerwear of an even lighter wash which can be a great piece for contrast.

    The First Impressions of Earth era ushered in not only a bigger, more produced sound for The Strokes musically, but also darker outerwear, including a dark trucker jacket and dark denim vest for Julian.

    But of course, Albert has to march to the beat of his own drum or rather, the strum of his own Strat, by choosing crisp white denim.  An interesting choice, but nothing this Fender-wielding fashionista can’t handle.

    The Angles era brought in another new sound for The Strokes and also a new breed of denim in the form of Nikolai’s custom Niko vest complete with embroidered namesake and decorative patches.

    Albert keeps it classic with a light wash jacket that is perfect for any casual chic wardrobe.

    Levi’s is a pretty good place for all things denim.  There you can find similar denim outerwear pieces to ones The Strokes have worn in the:

    Trucker Jackets category for men

    Jackets category for women

    Thrift store shopping for denim jackets can also prove to be worthwhile.

    The type of wash (what gives the denim its shade of color) can set the style and feel of a look.  Go for a lighter distressed looking wash for a classic vintage look circa Is This It or a darker crisp looking wash for an edgy look circa First Impressions of Earth.  Or try white denim or a clean light wash a Albère for a bit more chicness.

    And if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a denim vest with detailing and see how many admiring fans you gain.  (Number of fans gained is proportional to the number of patches on vest.)

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