1. Go Red Lightning

    We all know that The Strokes rarely switch up their clothes and the equipment that they use hasn’t changed much either.  Sure, Nick uses a different guitar other than his classic Epiphone Riviera for some songs and the logo on Fab’s bass drum changes depending on the band’s era, but other than that everything seems to be frozen in time.

    That includes Albert’s signature red guitar strap with a white lightening bolt.

    From playing “Last Nite” in small clubs to playing “Under Cover of Darkness” at large festivals, Albert kept and keeps a hold of his guitar with this "Ferrari Red" Gibson 2 Inch Nylon Safety Guitar Strap.

    The bold red color and edgy white lightning graphic make it not only a great pairing for Albert’s white Fender Stratocaster, but also a good match for Albert’s and Strokes’ style.

    So all you guitarists out there, if you want to be like Mr. Hammond Jr. you can check out the strap on this music equipment store’s website.

    However, no guarantees that using the same strap will give you the interesting facial expressions and great moves Albert brings to the stage.  Those take years of practice, a closet full of tight clothing, and a lush ‘fro to perfect. 

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